A Lesson in Paying Attention

It's a good idea to get in the habit of paying attention because when you don't accidents happen and things get missed. In my case this past weekend I wasn't paying attention to an expiration date and I lost the use of a $25.00 +Up reward from Rite Aid that expired the day before I went to use it. I had known there was a expiration date on it but I wasn't paying attention to the date. There also is a lesson in Karma here but I'll tell you that one in another post. 

When I realized what I had done I was so mad at myself, but then quickly forgave and told myself it is what it is and it won't happen again. Holding on to the anger isn't going to give me the +Up reward back. The lesson is a reminder to PAY ATTENTION. There are so many things that can distract us in life and it's very easy to to let them. Our job is to NOT let them. 
Paying Attention is also on MY Ten Rules to Live By Post.

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