Notes from Joel Osteen's Your Best Life Now

Learn to see yourself as God sees you - as a winner, an overcomer, as "well able." God wants you to accomplish great things in life, and He's put incredible potential, gifts, and talents within you to enable you to do so. Start stepping out in faith and acting on the desires that He's placed in your heart.

Beware of associating with or adopting the attitudes of people, who, through their negative outlook and lack of self-esteem, will rob you of the greatness that God has for you

Joel Osteen's accompanying Prayer: 

I acknowledge my weakness, Father, knowing that as I trust You to work in and through me, You make me strong. You make me adequate despite my insecurities; You provide the power to accomplish all that You ask me to do.

I just love that and I wanted to share. Have a blessed day!!

Faith: Gods Favor

Easy Life

Did you know that God wants to make your life easier? He does, but first you must become more favor-minded. Get up every day and declare that you've got the favor of God. Then stay in an attitude all day long. 

Your Best Interests

God doesn't always give you what you want. But He always gives you what you need. When you live favor-minded, you'll begin to see God's goodness in everything. Remember to be grateful and give thanks. Don't take God's favor for granted.

Pleasing God

Regardless of how people are treating you, keep doing the right thing; don't get offended or upset; don't try to pay them back, returning evil for evil. Instead, keep extending forgiveness; keep responding in love. If you do that, God will make the wrongs that were done onto you, right. God will make sure you get everything you deserve and more!

Trust his plan for your life, and start anticipating his touch of favor.

Source: Joel Osteen, Your Best Life Now