You are Meant to Have an Amazing Life

I wanted to share with you the first paragraph of Rhonda Byrne's book "The Power". Believe every word.

You are meant to have an amazing life!
You are meant to have everything you love and desire. Your work is meant to be exciting, and you are meant to accomplish all the things you would love to accomplish. Your relationships with your family and friends are meant to be filled with happiness. You are meant to have all the money you need to live a full, wonderful life. You are meant to be living your dreams - all of them! If you want to travel, you are meant to travel. If you would love to start a business, you are meant to start a business. If you would love to learn to dance or learn how to sail a yacht or study Italian, you are meant to do those things. If you would love to be a musician, a scientist, a business owner, an inventor, a performer, or whatever it is you would love to be, you are meant to be it! 

"The Power" is a small but very Powerful book.