The Secret of Happiness... Quotes from The Gift of Change

The Secret of happiness lies in knowing that we are in the world but not of it.

- In the Bible it is said that the Holy Spirit will give us a new mind. And who among us could not use that? It becomes fruitless to ask God to change our world ounce we recognize the world is merely the reflection of our thoughts. What we pray for is the healing of our minds.

- Wherever there is love there is God.

- We pay a high price for refusing to accept the part we play in causing our problem; if I don't see I caused it, then I can't see I can change it!*

- The ego is backed by the weight of an entire thought system constantly luring us away from love and limitlessness toward fear and scarcity.

- The ego is a mental addiction to the thing of fear, and only spiritual experience can break an addiction.

- Marianne Williamson
* A Course in Miracles

- The older we are, the more we know some things; the younger we are, the more we know others. Age only makes us smarter if we retain our bravery.

- Enlightenment is not a learning but an unlearning, a letting go of all the fear we've gathered as we've walked the path of life.

Prayer is the Medium of Miracles...

"Prayer is the Medium of Miracles... Through prayer love is received, and through miracles love is expressed."* If you want a miracle in your life, simply pray for one. For as long as you are willing to change your mind then God will change your life.

- Marianne Williamson, The Gift of Change
- *A Course in Miracles