Friday Findings

1. Fitbit Ultra

I received my Fitbit Ultra for my birthday. I had been researching all the fitness trackers on the market and the Fitbit won me over. I love my Fitbit Ultra.

The Fitbit Ultra Features:
Activity Tracker - Steps taken, calories burned, floors climbed, and distance traveled.
Sleeping Monitoring - Tracks how long and how well you've slept.
Wireless Uploads - When you are 15 ft away from the plugged in base station.
Online Tools - FREE online tools. All the other trackers charge a fee.
Tiny and Discreet - It is the smallest fitness tracker on the market.
Log Food & Activity - Log your food and activity. 
Snyc with Apps - Fitbit syncs your stats with other popular nutrition and fitness programs. 
Share with Friends - Fitbit has its own social network.

3 mini for $10.00 

Our sense of smell helps us enjoy life. I wear my scented body lotions because they allow me enjoy life everywhere I go. ; )

The Bali Mango, Rio Rumberry, and Aruba Coconut remind me of summer. Now that it is cold and wet outside these three scents brighten my day.


This is the perfect website for the book lover. I use this website to keep track of the books I've read and the books I want to read. Tell goodreads what titles or genres you’ve enjoyed in the past, and they'll  give you recommendations. 

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